‘Children and Sensitivity’

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Many people are aware that for a few years now, lots of ‘special babies’ are being born, within their own family or in the families of friends and relatives.

These children have a complete different world view. Often they actually live in a different world, making it hard for their parents and teachers to make contact in the old fashioned way, the way we are used to.

These children are high sensitive children. They have extraordinary qualities. Mostly they strongly relate to nature and animals. Often they are gifted - intellectually, artistically and / or creatively. They tend to have a strong sense for visual input. They have high movement skills but verbally they often stay behind. They are even tempered, kind and loving,  always prepared to help others and very devoted.

The predecessors of these children are now teenagers or already adults.

Our society likes to put labels on these high sensitive children: autistic, Asperger syndrome, ADHD, ADD, dyslectics, ... by now we are quite used to them.

But these children deserve our respect, not one of those dysfunction labels!

The one thing that is malfunctioning is the conglomerate of systems,  not allowing us to take into account man’s evolution.

It’s just because of this high sensitivity and the strong relation with nature, and all other mentioned qualities that these children do not fit easily into the educational system we use today, where only cognitive skills count. Today’s educational methods have little interest in bodywork, the “head-versus-feet” problem.

New age children ask for  more specific coaching, for a different kind of approach.

In an ideal situation, education creates space and time to attend to our children differently, using not only cognitive education but also bodywork. This would result in a safe environment.  where they would be invited to renew the connection with their body and soul, where they would be invited to express their feelings and emotions freely, where they would be invited to connect with others.

In short, attention is needed for development in all areas.

We need people who, just like these children, are high sensitive and learned to cope with it. Having experienced the problems of being different, these people are able to understand the high sensitive children. They are able to create the safe environment those children need to develop, to start being who they are. Those experienced people are the ones to inform and support schools in their efforts to change things.

Necessity calls for alternative techniques and approaches, which need to be mastered in addition to the ordinary education techniques.

Our team members are all people who have reached a high level of awareness and hence know how to deal deliberately with high sensitivity and new age children. The workshops we offer are unique because they are a personal mix, composed according every team member’s trainings, experiences and personality.

Our members are trained in different forms of dance, physical and movement expression, kid’s yoga, acting stories, meditations, visualisations, creativity, play and energetic bodywork.




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