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WCU-Dance is primarly actif in Flemish Schools and offers children workshops.  Besides the Mano Mundo Festival, we will also be present at other festivals with our  dancing workshops for children, yoga and crea (among them are the Vale Viver Festival, the Butterfly Benefit Festival, and Kokopelli festival).

Other youth projects and dancing activities will follow. For example some dancers will dance with thé street children abroad.   They will shoot amateur clips and thus prepare the projects of tomorrow. But in the first place they will welcome the street children with a warm heart, give them a lot of courage and lots of love.  BECAUSE they need this !



Conference about 'streetchildren': 26 nov 2011


Everybody who works for the streetchildren is welcome at this conference in Antwerp.

It's organized by VAIS, 11.11.11. and Kleur Bekennen.



International Conference : "Connecting Youth with Society"

8 en 9 december 2011 in Antwerp, Belgium


We will take part at this conference, and on 9 december at 14h we will bring a danceworkshop for everybody who works with youngsters. Participants come from all over the world. http://www.provant.be/leren/educatieve_databank/vrije_tijd/jeugdwerk/vormingsaanbod/edu_item_2011_internationale_c.jsp



Conference of the Province of Vlaams Brabant about



on 19 jan 2012 in provinciehuis Leuven

We will participate at this conference and there will be a info-stand.



DOE BEURS :Brabanthal op 14, 15, 16 februari 2012


It's a Job festival for 5 en 6 basic education en 1e secundary education. The kids will get lot's of possiblities to make future jobchoices or studychoices

We will do a 'dance and dream your job' workshop.


International Fairy Arts Festival in Alden Biesen : april 2012


This year we also join forces and will be present at the International Fairy Arts Festival.

We will give some danceworkshops : fairy dance

***dance your magic***

Info : www.elfentheater.be



Project Youth at Risk : YAR Vlaanderen

This year we study on the subject of children and youth with problems. We enrolled as volunteers with YAR (Youth at Risk) Vlaanderen, and coach a young person. More information : www.yarvlaanderen.be







All children of Europe will dance together for the benefit of the street children in the World.

We will form "3-units" namely :

1 school or dancing school in Flanders

will work together with

1 school or dancing school in Europe

and they will join all their positive forces to help

1 project on street children in the World




Project next schoolyear!


For next schoolyear (2012-2013) we chose for a partnership with the organisation vzw Dertiende Ster!

They support a wonderful project in Ethiopia.

All information on there website : dertiendester.be


Every year we will look at the proposals for new projects!



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